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Quickly shuttle in a variety of dangerous scenarios .

Doon Snake is a lovely and fascinating game. In this game , you control a snake to search for food in a variety of scenarios. In order to reach food , the snake needs to avoid obstacles , and can not be intertwined . Each time eat a hamburger , the snake’s length grows by one. You’ll clear the current level once the required length is reached in 90 seconds . After that , a new scenario will be unlocked also . There are 10 scenarios in current version .

There are 4 props:

Hamburg : growth by one, and get 500 points reward ;
Bomb : to blow up part of the building , and get 200 points reward ;
Fruit : get 400 points reward ;
Timer : get 10 seconds extra time bonus.

Game Options :

Background music switch, audio switch
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Reviewed by UnnamedBleh21 2018-01-13

This game looked fun so I downloaded it on my computer. The second I opened it it didn’t work and wouldn’t let me play. I am very disappointed.
Developer: Zhang Guangjian
Download Size: 3526KB
Version: 1.0.1
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2014-03-20