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Super PhotoCut is now On-Sale in Appstore. It instantly removes complicated background from image without waiting. Get it today!

IMAGEmini Lite will process 10 photos per day. If you need unlimited version, you can download IMAGEmini.

IMAGEmini is a powerful photo resizer and optimizer that allows you to optimize all your photos by 80% ~ 20% comparing to their originals while keeping their original resolution, quality and png, jpg, gif formats. With IMAGEmini, you can save huge space and share full-resolution photos with your friends much faster.

It supports 70 types of image formats for resizing:

Key Features:

• One-click optimization.

• Easy management: When a folder dragged into the application, IMAGEmini will work on it immediatly.

• Support 70 types of image formats: JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF,PDF,PSD,PNT,RGB,ARW,BMPF,CUR,CRW,CR2,DCR …

• Photo sharing becomes more eaiser.

• More choices:
- Lossless mode (png, jpg, gif);
- Lossy mode (jpg);

- Lossless mode will save space > 20%. Lossless mode compresses and reduces large image size significantly but keep the original resolution, quality.
- Lossy mode will save space > 50% with minor quality loss.

Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: market@effectmatrix.com
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Reviewed by RZMarquee 2018-01-13

I take a lot of pictures for insurance-related work from my smartphone and was very frustrated by the amount of space (and size) that the pictures took up on my computer….not to mention, how difficult it was to send them to the proper people for their records. This program is very easy to use and is definitely worth the money. I haven’t used it for reducing the picture files that I have stored in memory, but am looking forward to freeing up a lot of space in my computer. THANKS for a great, easy to use, product!
Reviewed by Carmen n Woody 2018-01-13

I’ve tried different apps but this is the one I finally settled on. It’s perfect for my daily job pictures I have to send in an excel report. It allows me to reduce the amount of space so that I can send more pix in each report. I had the full version but today that quit working and it reverted to the image mini lite but that got the job done anyway. I’m very pleased with this app.
Reviewed by Ejtho 2018-01-13

I am working on creating a website and needed an application that could reduce the size of my images. I found this app and it does exactly that for me and it does it easily!
Reviewed by bsdmike 2017-02-27

A nice job. It has been super helpful.
Reviewed by Kirkkerekes 2017-02-27

“Compresses” animated GIF to JPEG. Worthless and destructive for animated GIFs. UI is confusing — no way to know what the interface means.
Reviewed by Heless 2017-02-27

Позволяет изменять размер сразу нескольких фото. Работает даже с RAW файлами, конвертируя их в jpeg после обработки. Довольно быстро обрабатывает.
Developer: effectmatrix
Download Size: 1906KB
Version: 1.60
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2013-12-09