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What's New
- 20 new categories for you to play!
- Level up to unlock new categories!
- Categories grouped into themes to help you pick
- Interface improvements
- Bug fixes
Stop is a fun and clever turn based game you play with friends. Randomly select a letter to start and type a word for each of the 5 different categories that starts with that letter. The player that gets most correct words wins!

1 letter, 5 different categories. How many words can you form with this letter?

-- App Store Editor's Choice in 18 Countries --


- Turn based, fast paced word game
- Find and play with friends on Stop using personalized nicknames, Facebook, or Game Center
- Unlimited fun with challenging categories to choose from
- Levels: earn XP and as you improve, we’ll celebrate!
- Achievements to unlock and conquer the game
- Learn a new language! Play in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese

Start playing Stop!

Tune in at www.facebook.com/stopbyfanatee
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Reviewed by Tirpak12 2018-01-16

I cannot believe that when playing back my 13 yo daughter that there was an ad with straight up PORNOGRAPHY!!! Please remove these porn ads—teenagers and possibly younger children are playing these games for innocent fun and being exposed to ads with straight pornography! As a grown woman, I was taken by complete surprise. Thank god no one could see over my shoulder as I would be completely embarrassed. Ridiculous. As for the game itself, it is ok but gets old really fast.. some categories are almost impossible if you get the unlucky letters like X or Q. Deleted the app within seconds after the inappropriate ad.. but had for only 3 days.
Reviewed by Litle Lila 2018-01-16

I’ve been playing this game for a year now and I love it. At first it’s kinda hard but when u do it more and more u get better and better. One minor issue is that u have to pay to get rid of ads and I’m not a fan of in-app purchases so.. but still this game is really fun and creative. It’s a great way to put your knowledge to the test. So if u don’t have this game I suggest u get it. -j.o.baseballmaster
Reviewed by Ashbamboodle 2018-01-16

It was a little confusing at first but becomes really fun. It’s almost like scattegories, except you race against the clock to finish first than your opponent and you can press stop once your done giving your opponent only a set amount to finish their game. You have to think fast if you want to win. I enjoy playing it, but the ads are super annoying but I know it’s the free version so I gotta deal with it.
Reviewed by Kara Mertz 2018-01-09

This is a wonderful game to get your brain thinking! Stop is an enjoyable game for all ages! Stop is honestly the only game I have on my phone!! This is a very good and enjoyable game to all!!
Reviewed by Karabeans 2018-01-09

Stop is pretty fun. Some categories are dumb... (One example: things you wait for on the apocalypse. HUH?! Should it be “during” the apocalypse???) The ads are outrageous. Sometimes you exit out of an ad just to get slammed with a second popup for the same company. Chhhhaaaange it
Reviewed by lainee6 2018-01-09

I deserve more coins but I like this game a lot!!!
Reviewed by 1098765678910 2018-01-01

This game is AWESOME and I will never ever stop playing it. There are just a few problems like the coins they are practically worthless and they should be used to buy lives like 20 coins=2 lives so far I have 200 coins. Another thing is that every time I get on "STOP" an ad comes up there are TO MANY ADS and when I finish my game the same STUPID AD I hope it's not to much trouble but can you pleasseeee fix the ad problem and on the comparing part when you edit there should be an inappropriate button if you can please fix that to and also I think you should be able to put a picture on your profile pic but people can do it on FACEBOOK oh no way I don't care if you don't fix the last two suggestions but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFIX THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Reviewed by P180 Avanti 2018-01-01

First of all, I think this game is really great; the basic idea of figuring out what works and what doesn’t (and the things that only half work or misspelled is honestly the most intuitive part) is fun and challenging. And I’ve found the word bank to be pretty good, as well. I guess the idea of first to three round wins to be victor of the game is fine, but I’d also like an unlimited mode where you can just keep playing rounds forever without a limit. For the negatives: The categories seem unbalanced. There are four football ones (nfl teams, super bowl mvps, super bowl scorers, super bowl music performers), with only one category for all other sports (teams or Olympic medalists). I’m not saying add more for the other sports, just take away super bowl scorers and mvps. There are some other very specific/vague categories. The spinner almost always seem to land on the hard letters, and never on the normal ones. I think this is because it always starts on “A” which is right by X, Y, Z, etc, so my suggestion is to have it randomly start on a letter, or just change the algorithm. Finally, there are way too many ads. And for me, it’s always the same ad for at least a whole week. It’s very frustrating when you can’t play very many games because there is at least one ad after each game. It chews up my data caps, too.
Reviewed by skysky_is_the_best 2018-01-01

This game is dumb it's gets me really mad right now it said stuff you can't take on a plane and it had to start with j so I put jet and it seems you can cause it was red and didn't have a star you can't even pick up a jet and it's to big dumb another reason is I went on another app and I could stop the game but the person was able to stop I went back on and it stopped the heck this game is the worlds dumbest game don't try it also it allows people to stop the game which I think is not fair and will cause people to do dangerous stuff because I want to punch something when somebody stops the game and I’m not done with the game also if you report the word you put they don’t do nothing so why would you report your word in emoji this is how I fell about the game ok you got it change it
Reviewed by ameraehu 2017-12-25

Okay, I LOVE❤️ this game, it's super fun and exciting, and really makes you think. I think that a few things should change though. First, it takes WAY to long for lives to reload. I also think that you should be able to buy lives with coins. How about... say, 2 for 5 coins. Another thing about coins, you really aren't awarded enough. 5 for a win and 2 for a loss is virtually nothing, compared to what you can do with coins and how many you have. I think that there should be at least 10 coins for a win and 5 for a loss. That would give a lot more to pay for power-ups. Other than that, Stop is a really fun way to pass the time. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Developer: Fanatee
Download Size: 91525KB
Version: 3.2.2
Recommended Age: 12+
Release Date: 2014-01-29