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+ play youtube video in HD quality.
VideoMark is a player that helps make and connect bookmarks and notes to your video and audio files. It helps to working with long video courses or audio books files.

The key features is:

1. Make bookmark to your video or audio files;
2. Control the speed of playing (faster or slower);
3. Navigate through your video or audio files by choosing bookmarks.

One of the most outstanding features of VideoMark is being able to speed up the video file. You'll be able to watch a lecture that would usually take an hour in half the time!

This version support the youtube, mov, mp4 video and mp3 audio formats.
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Reviewed by 35toMillionsViralPay 2018-01-13

Things to Improve (Feedback): First of all the welcome screen bookmarks tab does not function. It never finds the files you bookmarked. You have to find them yourself everytime for every file. Maybe is because I’m using an external drive; but that shouldn’t be a problem. The times are not accurate it will vacilate 3 secs aprox. even when using the Stop While doing the bookmak function. It would be really useful to be able to edit(update) the bookmarks in the marliest (think ios style). I export update and import. Tip for users: If you missed a good bookmark in between two others. Since they won’t be rightly sorted. You can add bookmark#1.5 for example to create and have it sorted between 1 and 2. With some tricks/tweaks you can make it this app Greatly Really Useful. Thanks!
Developer: Mikumon SPG
Download Size: 1954KB
Version: 2.4
Recommended Age: 17+
Release Date: 2013-07-21