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No 1 in the app store in Peru and Hungary or Hungry as we say like our Dinosaurs!
Instructions in the English Language.
You find yourself lost in a jungle having looked for the lost temple. To your disbelief you have found something more than a lost temple; you have discovered a world of dinosaurs. The lost Jurassic world still exists with only one obvious way to escape. You hide behind the trees and wooden huts of the lost tribal people. You hear the noise of a Dinosaur coming closer. It will only be a short time before it finds you, you must move.
Fast paced action in this game which pits man against dino. You have in your command the trigger to explode bombs which are scattered throughout the jungle. If you explode these at the right time you can kill more than one dinosaur. Each level is entered across a rope bridge and some levels, you have to cross the gap with dinosaurs chasing you.

You get points for each level completed and each explosive detonated. You get lots of points for each dinosaur you kill.

The action can get quite intense and you may find yourself screaming trying to keep the man away from the chomping mouths of the dinosaurs. Park yourself behind a tribal hut and form a strategy of escape.

Find the route through the village or jungle that keeps you away from the path of the dinosaurs. You can't escape the fantasy of Man versus Dinos in this strategic action game. It really is graphic when the dinos take a bite.

You can lure the dinosaurs onto the bombs by positioning yourself.

Not so much Jurassic world as Dinosaur munch.

Use all your wits as you try to escape.

·Top AAA style Tyrannosaurus rex animated model.
·Beautifully crafted levels.
·Atmospheric music.
·Thrilling gameplay.
·Strategic gameplay.
·Dinosaurs eating!
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Reviewed by middymatt 2017-03-23

This game would be a ton better if you were able to save your progress. Also the dinosaurs run into walls and get jammed.
Developer: Kevin Christy
Download Size: 21926KB
Version: 1.0.0
Recommended Age: 9+
Release Date: 2013-07-25