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My PaintBrush for Mac is a powerful multilayer paint and drawing application. Use inspiring tools and brushes to create and save smooth images on your Mac.

Go Pro and get more than 100 brushes - My PaintBrush Pro for Mac is available now. It will help you make inspiring works with more than 100 paint brushes on mac.

My PaintBrush for Mac features highlights:

- Build up and manage multiple layers:

•  Merge or combine layers.

•  Set the alpha value of individual layer.

•  Customize the layer to be visible or not.

•  Freely Change the order of layers.

•  Delete unwanted layers.

- Operations on each layer

•  10 times undo/redo.

•  Flip horizontally and vertically.

•  Move selected zone.

- Familiar preset tools

• Erasers, Fill tools, Colorpicker, Zoom In.

• Straight lines, Curves, Rectangles, Rounded-rectangles, Ellipses.

• Text: customize font, size, color of text. 

• Palette: set the foreground and background color for tools.

- Export to:


•  MPB (contains layers information)

Any suggestion about My Paintbrush for Mac will be appreciated, support email: support@effectmatrix.com
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Reviewed by Niknam6668874225784 2018-01-08

Very nice replacement for the paintbrush style program in windows. I needed to edit a picture, just sensor a name on a document with a black line, and the old freeware version of paintbrush for mac stopped working on snow leopard. I wish I knew there was a pro version, I would like to pay the difference to get it.
Reviewed by Antonio525 2018-01-08

Great app that I stumbled upon to put some ideas that I have and bring to life. With all the tools that you have at your disposal it's incredibly useful.
Reviewed by Scott7564 2018-01-08

if there was any easy way to get my money back I would try. The app almosts seems unfinished, like they built half of it then forgot about orther features. It’s not intuitive and easy to use and lacks simples things like being able to copy paste easily, make objects, etc. how does it have more than one star???
Reviewed by Myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2017-09-16

The first thing I try to do is insert a picture. It will insert only the bottom right quarter of the picture no matter what I do. I am so dissatisfied.
Reviewed by mitcham01 2017-02-27

wow.this is an awesome graphic tool! with the layer feature of this, i can do banners, flyers and my other web design stuff. amazing!
Developer: effectmatrix
Download Size: 3306KB
Version: 1.5.0
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2012-11-08