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What's New
Bug fixes.
Now convert animations to movie files for use almost everywhere!

** Now supports Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Comments, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Kik ... --anywhere that will allow you to post videos from your camera roll. **

Emoticons? Emoji?

These are fully animated stick figure text scenes better than any emojis or emoticons. Awesome stick art for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
Bring your Text Messages and E-Mail to Life!

All original fully animated stick figure masterpieces made to add life to your e-mails and texts.
Fun, clever and thought provoking.
If you think emoticons or emojis are cool, you haven’t seen anything yet.
If you think emoticons or emojis are lame, you are going to love Stick Texting.
--- Free updates with new animations ----
--- Simply dynamic ----
You will love sending and receiving animated Stick Figure Texts.  Simply tap to preview and copy any of the several animations and launch text or e-mail application right from Stick Texting App.  Double tap your message to paste into any text or e-mail.
Each animation can be seen on any phone or computer that can view .gif images.  Stick Texting works with any iOS application that can send .gif files.
These are high-quality detailed animations.  Some contain as many as 100 frames.  Not some lame smiley clapping or frowning.  Not your typical emoji or emoticon.  These are highly trained stick actors and stick stuntmen!
---- Check us out on YouTube and at www.StickTexting.com. ----
Stick Texts use machine guns, bazookas, they slam dunk basketballs, attempt motorcycle jumps, bust out karate moves, spontaneously combust, stab each other with forks and much, much more!
Don’t be the last one to take your texts to the next level!  Nothing else even comes close.
This is Mojo for your iPhone! 
Text Like a Boss.

***** Despite the warning by Apple regarding installing third-party keyboards, we DO NOT gain access to any private information and we DO NOT monitor your keystrokes. You can read our privacy policy at www.sticktexting.com. You can also use Stick Texting without using the keyboard option if you prefer.

***If you are 17 years old or older, please also CHECK OUT Stick Texting - The College Series, an edgy version of Stick Texting **

***For an all positive message experience, Check Out our LOVIN' LIFE SERIES *****
No question asked yet.
Reviewed by KilroyCafe 2018-01-17

Why use conventional emoji when you can ANIMATE them?! Gives you animated alternatives to all the standard Emoji symbols. Each image is about 1 inch square on an iPhone and should be visible anywhere an animated GIF works. Good for Facebook when you what otherwise use single Emoji replies.
Reviewed by Cris50309 2018-01-17

you ruined this app by adding the by keyword and by category please fix this also sometimes the paste option after copying one with the keyboard gets stuck on the last one
Reviewed by Beckypr 2018-01-17

To use it on the phone keboard, you have to installed it in General>Keboard and then select again the app right there on the keyboard options and give full access (otherwise it won't make the copy/paste function). I am making every one on iMessage and Whatsapp crazy with this
Reviewed by Mike$098 2017-07-30

Full access really
Reviewed by Appelicious47 2017-04-20

I love this app. Awesome update. Works with Facebook, Whatsapp, texting. Love it.
Reviewed by Microsoft money user 2017-02-23

Jut saw an add for this app on Facebook and it shows things that this app will not do.
Reviewed by A7xf250 2017-02-23

Only saw it on my youtube and on a guy name Alan Becker
Reviewed by ljchoppers 2016-10-28

Seams to not copy and paste every time.
Reviewed by Diannah15 2016-10-10

I love this App! My friends always laugh when I use this app when sending texts, and always ask how they can get it. It puts those boring Emoji to shame!
Reviewed by OffAxis 2016-10-10

I like this app a lot and so does everyone I stick text, but the latest update eliminated "recent" for "search" and I really DISLIKE that❗️ Grr‼️
Developer: Mitchell Robiner
Download Size: 87920KB
Version: 1.10
Recommended Age: 9+
Release Date: 2012-08-08