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A must have App for all graphic designers that have to work with
Middle Eastern Writing and Right to Left typing.
Use FlipiT in order to flip your text to any direction
simply copy and paste your text to the source field,
flip your text and copy it again from the destination field.
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Reviewed by Eberry16 2018-01-13

It only flips some characters. When flipping words it does not flip the letters e,p,h,b,n,r,f and y. So really it doesn't help unless you only have certain letters you need to flip. Also when you flip more then 3 words at a time it puts them all out of order.
Reviewed by siago 2018-01-13

I realy needed that tool... Thanks!!!
Reviewed by Netanel Nehemya 2018-01-13

זה ממש מעצבן לכתוב ברווס בפוטושופ!!!
Developer: Kobi Snir
Download Size: 130KB
Version: 1.0
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2012-08-01