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Bug fixes and streaming improvements.
Welcome to the world’s most powerful WebTV technology!

GLWebTV's GLARAB service offers Arabic live television programming broadcasted from around the world over the high speed public internet. The GLARAB feature-rich WebTV service provides an enhanced viewing experience in Arabic language that suits every taste and preference.

GLARAB's state-of-the-art Application allows for the Arabic-speaking communities from all Arab communities living around the globe to tap into GLARAB's rich and comprehensive source of cultural, educational, musical and entertaining content from anywhere, at anytime.

Now you can access hundreds of live TV Channels and international Radio Stations on your iPhone and iPod Touch device. Plus, coming soon, the Video-On-Demand feature will allow you to watch thousands hours of your favourite Movies and TV series directly on your mobile device!

Download the GLARAB App today and start enjoying your favourite television programming on your iPhone and iPod Touch from anywhere in the world.
No question asked yet.
Reviewed by أبو كوثر 2017-10-16

Used to be very good app but has been horrible since a year ago or so.
Reviewed by Sylar.X 2017-10-16

Nothing Arabic in this app, all Persian.
Reviewed by Ashkar321 2017-03-23

The new update is not working properly, please fix it.
Reviewed by Ghada63 2017-03-23

Updated app and "el ekhbariya al soriyah" is missing from Al Sham. Please fix! Also the screen seems to lock in portrait mode more frequently than before.
Reviewed by Falasteen_4ever 2017-03-23

Great app but where's the USA and Canadian packages? Are they coming anytime soon?
Reviewed by Palestine -1948 2017-02-20

It is very bad application
Reviewed by Latif hatif 2017-02-20

Hi i don't know why the new update is not good, it's stopping during the listening after 10 seconds
Reviewed by الآسد 2017-02-20

Please fix, not working, plus so many ads. Used to be my favorite app ever, hope to get fixed soon.
Reviewed by Dan574236 2016-05-21

30 secs must see commercial to before seeing each channel? Imaging combining that with errors that coz termination of the app! Now another 30s of commercial... Literally annoying! Usually I'm fine seeing ads in free aps but I think they should be more logical in terms of showing ads. Why? Coz I uninstalled the app after seeing 2 or 3 channels and preferred to see the live broadcast of providers directly!
Reviewed by Momo6518184 2016-05-21

Good app. Provides mostly everything
Download Size: 3481KB
Version: 4.9
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2012-08-21