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***WINNER of 2013 'Best App Ever' award for 'Under 9 Kids Game' category.***

***2nd place in 2013 'Best App Ever' award for 'Best Educational Game' category.***

iTunes UK Education Apps #2 (Highest Entry)
iTunes Australia Education Apps #16 (Highest Entry)

Teacher's Pet proudly present 'What Time is it Mr. Wolf' - our very first iPad application.

A clever and interactive way to help children tell the time. (O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and all 5 minute intervals)

Watch as Wilfred the Wolf magically spins the clock on the face of the moon to ten random times and offers the player a choice of up to 8 answers. With simple and intuitive controls the application is very easy to play and allows the player to concentrate on their time telling practice.

Suitable for children aged 3+


- Colourful conceptual design with fun animations and sounds.

- Option to change the difficulty of the game by increasing or decreasing the number of possible answers.

- Control which clocks appear in the game, choose from a mixture of all clocks including all 5 minute intervals.

- Easy to play with large intuitive controls.

- Players enter their names before playing so that the results can be recorded to highlight any players requiring additional support.

- Results can be stored in the iPad's camera roll at the end of each game.
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Reviewed by JTracy410 2018-01-13

I expected an app that would teach my child how to 'read' a traditional clock which I think is so important in this digital age. When I tested the app I was initially impressed with the customization options available. In addition to these personal touches it would be nice to see a beginner, intermediate, and advanced selection that contained presets which set the average child on a proven path for increases in difficulty based on studies and testing. This would be helpful for someone like me who appreciates the research and information educators have gained that can optimize my children's and my time, effort, and potential headaches. Additionally, I believe that an app marketed to teach children (as young as three) how to tell time should have some method of explaining the basic principles of timekeeping and elements on a clock face (hour hand, minute hand, 60 minutes per hour, 5 minute intervals per numerical marker, etc.). It seems to me this app is more appropriately suited as a practice game for children who already have a good understanding of how to tell time. Not to seem overly critical, but I am also off put by the wolf's voice. Every response begins with grunts and even the words "well done" are deep in tone and in my opinion not celebratory. He could also use a few more responses... you can only hear "try again" or "well done" (spoken arguably grimly) so many times before you're ready to nix that wolf.
Developer: Teacher's Pet
Download Size: 14148KB
Version: 1.4
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2012-04-03