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Certain transactions can now be disputed within transaction history on your account.
Suncoast Credit Union’s FREE Mobile Banking Application for the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch

BANK 24/7
Manage your accounts, view copies of cleared checks view transaction history, make quick transfers between Suncoast accounts and find the closest branch or ATM in our network.

Suncoast uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to communicate securely through all mobile service providers.

With a single click, you can find the fee-free ATMs near you and locate the closest Suncoast branch. Our search map provides addresses and branch contact information.

All Suncoast members may use our SunMobile Application for no charge. Your wireless provider’s messaging and data rates may apply.

Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers about SunMobile.

Look for many of the same features available via SunNet Online Banking.
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Reviewed by Trip2stephan 2018-01-13

How about not releasing to the App Store before testing? Second update in a row that renders the app useless.
Reviewed by MightyJoeFrank 2018-01-13

Thanks for fixing to where I can use my thumb to sign in. Love it again.
Reviewed by Gary WM 2018-01-13

Just opened my account. Lady in credit union was beyond superb. The app however, disappoints. My download froze as we speak ( I have a brand new iPad) , so you guess where the problem lies.
Reviewed by DemonHunter022 2017-12-09

My love for this bank just keeps growing. The app had an unstable update no more than a week and now it's latest update has restored the app to its original working condition. Suncoast is quick to resolve issues even with their app and for that, I absolutely love banking with them. They really are for helping people. This app is great though, I can seamlessly switch to any account for more details and direct deposit for checks is fast and easy. No more problems. All your credit cards and loans through them show up on one page and you can toggle those on or off to view additional accounts linked up. Transferring funds is easy and always works. I use this app every day so thank you for restoring the app! You guys are the best!
Reviewed by Daleymike 2017-12-09

I've had this app for about a year and it worked perfectly. I just got the new update and now everytime I click on the app it opens and instantly closes. I have tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re downloading, and a few other solutions but none have worked. Edit: they have released a new update that fixed the problem and the app is working good as new
Reviewed by Ayeeeyasmin 2017-12-09

Since it was updated it would automatically crash with just entering the app this was continuous for a couple days after the update. I deleted it turned off my phone and re downloaded it. It would still not work so I gave up. But today I downloaded it and the app is now FIXED! So yeah its fixed now.
Reviewed by Keith45 2017-11-06

I use the app once a week to deposit checks. I just tried to access my accounts and and the app crashes and is unusable. I Powered down the phone which did not help. I just deleted and reinstalled the app with no improvement. Please Help! Four stars when it was working. I am using i0S 10.3.3 on an iPhone 6s
Reviewed by meowmeowmeow10009 2017-11-06

Normally works great with no problems. However it's crashing every time I go to open it even after deleting and reinstalling. Also restarted phone. It's a pain to have to go to the website to view my account, but that's what I'm limited to right now. Please fix this.
Reviewed by soLAreh 2017-11-06

I am giving 4 stars because on a normal basis this app is great. Best banking app I've ever used! Today however it is crashing every time I open it!! Help me it's payday I need to see my account!!!
Reviewed by JY237 2017-10-30

Please fix Bill Pay. It does not work in app. Now, I get an error. In the past, it pretended to go through...and I was charged late fees. The only way to use Bill Pay is online, which kinda makes this app obsolete. I hope this will get fixed soon.
Developer: Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union
Download Size: 65596KB
Version: 3.1.9
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2011-03-15