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- Fixes an issue with "Connect with Dropbox"
TimeKeeper is a simple time tracking application. Keep track of your day to day activities when working on your Mac.

* track activities you are currently working on
* mark activities as invoiced
* prefix projects with @ and tasks with # in activity text
* autocomplete projects/tasks when entering activity
* add/edit/delete earlier activities
* view reports for week/month or all activities
* export activities to CSV and XML files
* import activities from XML file
* copy activities from report to spreadsheet/word processor application
* Status Bar icon/timer to easily switch between recent activities, stop current activity, view report, view current activity duration
* backup and sync data to Dropbox
* idle time detection
* global hotkey
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Reviewed by charlesmims 2018-01-18

This app does everything I want and nothing that gets in the way. I can do all of the expected start/stop/edit of a task during or after tracking, get a nice report with start and stop times and duration, and filter the report by search phrases or tags. It has great hot-key support so you don't have to keep going to your mouse to use it. I had one complaint about it, that it would minimize the primary window when you use the hot-key to start tracking. I emailed the author of the app, and he responded within an hour with instructions for how to make it behave the way I wanted by running this in Terminal: `defaults write com.timekeeperapp dontHideMainWindowOnStartTracking -bool true` I can't review this app or the developer highly enough. Absolutely recommended.
Reviewed by vab3 2017-03-17

The best thing about this app is that it checks up on you if you stop using the comptuer. Then you get the option to stop time at that point. The reporting gives me the detail I need. I like that it doesn’t total each project, so you can get a feel for interruptions. The UI is a bit quirky. I would like a feature to “shift time” from one task to the next, in case I forgot to chagne tasks.
Reviewed by anonymouse4242 2016-05-03

The export to CSV is a little erratic. But it doesn't happen often, and is probably user error. I'll update if I learn anything or can't work around it easily. Same comments as others - fast, small, local to my Mac, no extra fancy frills or team-aware group projects. I'm glad it exists. I haven't yet tried it with Dropbox. I'm running El Cap 10.11.3 (the latest as of this date) My installation issue - (tl;dr: - Delete Demo ver. before upgrading to Licensed) I tried the Demo version for a week or so, then purchased from the Apple Store. I'd been debited by the AppleStore, but the Licensed/paid version never installed, though it appeared to download properly several times over several hours. I exported my Timekeeper data so far to CSV, deleted the demo app by dragging from Apps to Trash, then retried the AppleStore download. The install ran properly, and my data was still there.
Reviewed by ErinAmelia 2012-07-29

This app doesn't have many bells and whistles. The GUI isn't particularly attractive - I actually think it reminds me of the Mac II - and there are no fancy graphics or colors. I can't drag and drop things into tasks and projects and groups and so on, or assign little virtual sticky labels. This is fun, but it's secondary to the purpose: to track time. This app is reliable, useful, and flexible. You can put whatever you want into the little text box, with Twitter-style hashtags used to group the tasks and projects. Here is exactly how I use it for, for example, a freelance customer support gig: - I pop open my window and type in @ProjectX and start the timer. - as I work, I record everything I have done in the little box, and update my status - I stop the timer when I start working - at the end of the month, I export everything as a CSV file, and tidy it up - Then I cut and paste directly into my invoice template - Then I go back into TimeKeeper, select all the tasks I just exported, and mark them invoiced with the click of a button. It's very simple, but more importantly it's very reliable. It doesn't lose data, it doesn't malfunction, it has never crashed and I've been using it for I don't even know how long. This is the most critical thing for me - I don't care what it looks like as long as it works with no bugs or glitches. If the workflow above is the kind of thing you do, this program will work really well for you. As someone who balances up to five different jobs at a time, I find it invaluable. It doesn't have any bells and whistles, but it's solid as a rock.
Reviewed by colonel fuego 2012-07-29

A fast and easy way to track your daily, weekly or monthly projects without spending a ton of money! Every designer should use this app!
Reviewed by jalynn2 2012-07-29

I often forget to start my time tracking when working on a billable project. The notification "Are you working on an activity?" that pops up a few minutes after resuming the Mac has saved me quite a few times. It makes it very easy for me to get the data when I am creating an invoice and then lets me mark which blocks of time have been billed. It's very easy to use and lightweight.
Developer: Devitude
Download Size: 2626KB
Version: 2.6.1
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2011-04-01