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We’ve added FREE exciting new stickers that you can use in your iOS Messages app! Available to iOS 10 players only.

Play Solitaire with stunning new themes, each with their own Card Back and Background!
• New Year’s - Party like it’s prehistoric times with the new New Year’s theme!
• Spring - Roses are Red, Violets are blue, spring is here and a new theme is too! Try the the new Spring theme!
• Rainy Day- Enjoy the showers and jump in some puddles with the new Rainy Day theme!

We want Solitaire to be the most inclusive it can be, so we’ve added new options to improve the experience for our players. After working with a University in England we have added accessibility features for people with dementia. You can find the new options within the Settings Menu.
Solitaire by MobilityWare is the ORIGINAL maker of Solitaire with Daily Challenges. We’re ALWAYS updating our Solitaire to include fun new features! If you like Windows Solitaire, you're going to love this app. The familiar Windows Solitaire game you used to play on your computer is now available on the go!

We have MORE NEW THEMES! Celebrate with the New Year’s theme, smell the flowers in the Spring Theme, and bundle up with the Rainy Day theme.

Check out the new Solitaire iMessage Stickers for your text messages! To send a sticker, open your Messages app. Tap the Apps button (which looks like the App Store icon), then select our Solitaire icon to view and pick from the sticker pack.

We’ve always aimed to recreate the simple fun of the classic game of Solitaire. Each day you’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Your Daily Challenges, crowns, and current trophy status are available to view any time.

You can also play Daily Challenges on the Apple Watch! Play the current day’s deal and replay it as many times as you’d like on that day. The Draw 3 option on your iPhone is also reflected on the Apple Watch.

Play by yourself or challenge other players in real-time. Solitaire can deal the same hand to multiple players so they can compete against each other at the same time. You can have your choice of playing with your friends or testing your solitaire strategy against a completely random player. Just because it’s Solitaire doesn’t mean that the play has to be solitary!

Haven't won in a while? The Winning Deals feature creates a game that deals hands guaranteed to have at least one winning solution. Use "Show Me How To Win" to help walk you through the moves required to win the deal if you still need a hand.

Think you have the best Solitaire score around? With Apple's Game Center enabled, you can check the Game Center leaderboards to see how your Solitaire skills stack up against top players all around the world!

Solitaire is a universal app, playable in the best resolution available for each Apple device.

-NEW iMessage Stickers
-NEW Theme Packs
-Daily Challenges
-Multiplayer Solitaire
-Winning Deals
-Show Me How To Win
-Game Center leaderboards
-3D Touch in phone menu
-Draw 1 card
-Draw 3 cards
-Custom card backs
-Custom backgrounds
-Right or left handed play
-Game state saved when interrupted
-Unlimited undo
-Auto complete to finish game
-Standard scoring
-Vegas scoring

-View completed Daily Challenges, jeweled crowns, and current trophy status
-Draw 3 option on your iPhone reflected on the Apple Watch
-Countdown to next day’s challenge
-Replay the current day’s challenge

The addicting game you’ve been playing on your computer for years now goes wherever you do. Download Solitaire today!

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Reviewed by Bella4ever886 2018-01-16

Thank y’all ~*Mobility Share*~ for creating this truly amazing , fun, & fabulous just like the *classic* Solitaire app for us to play via our iPhones, iPods, & iPads& actually enabling us the pleasure of being able to enjoy playing the app without any of the tedious having to literally drag each & every card to the spot where we want them over & over & over(y’all will get my point of lol why the simple features made available via this specific Solitaire app are truly a freaking “Life saver” & actually more of a “time saver!!”➡️) enabling us to simply tap a card to get it where you want it especially when it comes to all of The aces ♥️ ♠️♣️♦️ cards!! And the other awesome feature that the game will enable you once you are at that point where your ✅done ✅ but still have to get all the cards in their designated “aces spots” etc..A pop up comes up saying that if you wanna finish the game with just one ☝ tap then tap the little pop up message and boom all that tedious dragging of each and every card to their designated aces spot etc...is all finished up for ya! Idk why I find that so refreshing but I do!! So thank you mobility share!!! Y’all’s team of geniuses deserve a huge applause so here’s just a token of the applause y’all are owed➡️ APPLAUDING APPLAUDING for the genius of ~*Mobility Share*~
Reviewed by Arlington Boy 2018-01-16

I’ve been addicted to this game (and app) for several years and play for relaxation every day. I’ve been pleased with the developer’s updates and improvements to the app over time. I must say, though, that the advertisements have become decidedly more onerous over time. Interestingly, and sadly, immediately following my previous (and my first) more-positive review, of a couple years ago, the ads seemed to get quite a bit worse. That’s probably just an unfortunate coincidence bit, of course, I have no way to know. For that reason, I have until now avoided submitting a newer review. (And I really hope the game experience doesn’t worsen the very next time I play.) I’d be happy to pay-for this version of the game app, actually, if I could dispense with the time-consuming and increasingly tricky and complicated ads, because the game itself is really quite well done. As soon as I complete this review, I’ll check to see if that option is available to me, then update my impressions.
Reviewed by Explanoite 2018-01-16

Good game. Any problems I have are nitpicks or pet peeves (like monthly reminders I can change the background or card decorations: I got it the first 8 times, quit telling me). Nothing I'd take a star off for. One possible exception is the ads. Having to see an ad each time I start a game is fine. My problem is the trend towards “resistant” ads: ads where you have to wait and click close twice. A game demo loads up, making me wait the time of a normal ad just to see it start. Then I have to wait for the demo to play itself a bit. Then the X appears - but haha, just kidding, because this doesn’t close the ad, it just loads the next part of the same ad. When an ad knows I want to close it and goes “no wait, let me show you more about it” I will avoid clicking on it out of sheer spite at that point.
Reviewed by The#1Winner 2018-01-04

Just got a congratulations pop-up screen on this game, saying I played 10,000 games. I play the Vegas rules game and keep track of my winning's, which add's a new dimension to this game. Rating one(the lowest) through ten (the highest), It absolutely is a *10* My go-to game whenever I have any free time. It challenges you mentally. Best game I've found and only game on my I-Pad & phone that I play. P.S. The daily challenge is highly addictive. I have thought there is no way to win the game, only to discover after a few try's, you'll figure it out. It gives you a sense of satisfaction to win. December 27th, 2017. Everything I stated above is still true to this day. Only game I have and play.
Reviewed by Roger - Burlington C 2017-12-28

I really enjoy this game and I’m sure you’ve heard this from many people but I want to tell you something you might never have heard. My granddaughter who was between five and six years old would play Solitaire with me and by playing the Solitaire game, she learned her numbers and one day at school, the teacher made a comment how that she was having a difficult time with number. My daughter said, that’s funny because, she play Solitaire with my mother, she knows her numbers and they marveled afterwards, so the game had an extra benefit. My granddaughter Learning her numbers. Often my granddaughter will ask me, grandma can we play solitaire and of course the answer is yes.
Reviewed by Andrew_Low 2017-12-22

I got the free game for my iPhone two iPhones ago. That was over two years ago when I downloaded the game. Yes, my iPhone was stolen. Before that happened, I decided to pay for the paid version. I believe it no longer exists. It was nicer having no ads. Let me review what I have. Solitaire can be challenging. I play every day. I usually solve the daily challenge. Some are beyond me. If I solve 10 in a month, I receive a bronze award. Solving 20 in a month earns a silver award. The difficult one is solving 1 each day of the month to earn a gold award. I believe these are just bragging rights and statistics. If you did not solve a previous game, you can still solve it. Enjoy!
Reviewed by DoesAnyoneClickTheAd 2017-12-10

I have used this app for many years and as many have commented, the ad content is getting out of hand. Full screen and often lengthy videos or game demo style ads. The ads wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t also seem like the game is stacked to force you to give up on a hand, select new deal, and then ... you guessed it ... watch another ad. Deal after deal I’ve noticed you can go through the entire draw pile and have no cards that play. I mean I guess it’s smart. If I wanted to rack up a bunch of money from making people watch ads, I’d stack the game with lots and lots of losing hands so people didn’t waste time playing the game. My experience right now is about 50% time playing the game and 50% time watching ads. My best tip is to play in airplane mode. At least then the ads are easier to skip.
Reviewed by Qudelkedel 2017-12-05

I have no problem with the developers putting out a free game and then making money on ads. However, I do have a problem when the quality of an app is sacrificed to jam-pack more ads into the app. This is the case with this solitaire app. There is an ad before every new game, which is completely fine, but the problem comes when the ads malfunction. Many of the ads’ close buttons are completely unresponsive. Since they are full-screen ads, this means the app gets stuck and I have to completely kill and re-open the app. I was recently trying to re-play the same game when this happened, meaning that deal was completely lost. If you’re going to have ads, at least make them close-able. I don’t care if there’s a timer. I don’t care if there’s an ad before every game. Just make the close button WORK. I will update my review to four stars if and when this issue is fixed, since it really is a good game. This is disappointing.
Reviewed by Carrie77409 2017-12-05

I have been Playing Mobility Ware Solitaire and 2 other games for several years and highly recommend them. The only complaint I have is that this Solitaire got “stuck” or frozen on my smart phone (not the other Mobility Ware games” & the only way I could get past the screen, was to go to the general screen & delete this app. Then I find the same app & download it back on my cell phone. My issue is (not that this is not a complaint but rather s request to the developers is that when we sign in again under the exact same name, that the 2 years of games I had completed be recognized & reloaded into this same account. Enjoy people one of the limited time watched & # completed games there is to be had (being played) for an game which I will always love & enjoy,
Reviewed by Boysofblue 2017-11-29

This has always been a GREAT game. Where ever you are, if you have a deck of cards, you have a way to keep your mind active. Now it's on the phone too awesome ! I sent this 4 years ago and still agree However, as much as I do not mind the short adds, I hate the adds that you sit through and will NOT go away, so you have to exit the game, go back into the game and then sit through another short ad. Gets tiresome. Maybe there is a fix for it. It is primarily the BMW and Academy sports adds
Developer: MobilityWare
Download Size: 89414KB
Version: 4.10.0
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2010-03-18