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We've fixed a few bugs, including one that makes sure that it's easy to send us an email.
Venmo is the simple and fun way to send and receive money between friends. Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill, concert tickets, or the cost of a road trip, Venmo removes the awkward talks over who owes what.

Just send or request your payment with a message or emoji combo of your choice, then comment on and like all your favorite splitting moments.

“#1 app college students should download right now” – BuzzFeed

A few more quotes that make us blush:
“One of the 50 Best Apps of the Year” – Time
“The crown jewel of all finance apps” – Forbes
“Revolutionized the mobile payment space” – Vanity Fair
"Just Venmo me” has become synonymous with "pay me back" or "I got it." - Business Insider

The Venmo magic:
• Transfer money easily and quickly using a friend's name, @username, phone or email.
• Find friends automatically by syncing your Facebook or phone contacts.
• Stay in control of what you owe, what friends owe you and what you’ve bought.
• Make purchases in select apps using Venmo, so you can split and share your finds with friends more easily.
• Venmo uses data encryption to protect your financial information. That means we keep your actual card or bank information private by not sharing it when you send money or make purchases.

Venmo is a service of PayPal, Inc., a licensed provider of money transfer services.
All money transmission is provided by PayPal, Inc. pursuant to PayPal, Inc.'s licenses.
Visit https://venmo.com/legal/us-licenses/ for additional information. © 2016 PayPal.
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Reviewed by taylorswiftisinspiri 2018-01-13

For all those who see the title and doubt me, let me tell you about my current situation with this sketchy, rude, and secretive company called Venmo. My good friend came over and we ordered sushi for dinner. She then paid me back a whole big sum of $40 dollars in Venmo. I then transferred that outrageously large sum of $40 to my bank account to only then receive an email that while they can’t tell me what I did that was “illegal” about this transaction, which was no different than the thousand of other transactions I’ve made, and they won’t disclose because their “secret policy” says they can’t, so they closed my account indefinitely since I am a rule-breaker. I have been in contact with Venmo via the phone and only heard “no we can’t handle this issue on the phone you must email” so I email and instead of actually helping me, “Scott” just emails me a load of hoopla bull and we dance the same dance all over again. Customers beware, you may be forever banned if you transfer more than $30 to your bank account. DO NOT TRUST VENMO.
Reviewed by MomSOS 2018-01-13

Venmo requires access to your contacts, Facebook friends, requests a photo, etc. etc. They claim that you can later change your privacy settings, but the app makes you allow access to contacts during setup. The default setting for payments is ”public”, so the entire world can see who you paid and why. This setting is not obvious at first. The last straw was when Venmo required me to enter my login information for my bank after I’d already given Venmo my routing and account numbers. If Venmo gets hacked, someone can clean out all my accounts! I can pay my taxes without giving this much information to the government!
Reviewed by Antonimat 2018-01-13

App is quite nice, but the main flow remains confusing no matter how much I use the app. Having to tap single “pay or request” first, entering amount and the taping pay or request buttons feels wrong every single time I do it. IMO I prefer flow from PayPal. You choose person, you choose request or you choose pay (separate buttons) and then enter amount and just tap “confirm”. Clean and safe flow.
Reviewed by MeetGeorgeJudson 2018-01-07

If you want to transfer money from a savings it doesn’t work well. If you work with a LOCAL bank it doesn’t work well. If you use safari it doesn’t work well. I consider myself somewhat of a tech savvy guy and have spent 3 days chatting with the Venmo support team on how to get them paid after a failed transaction from my local bank. They literally can’t/won’t take my money unless I download Chrome. So I actually did and it still didn’t work. It would have been so much easier to just write a check. I still haven’t been able to pay them. This is the first review I have ever written. And I am not a negative person, but my experience with the service and customer support was so bad that I had to get it off my chest. Don’t waste your time.
Reviewed by Holthouser6425 2018-01-07

This app is a fantastic idea but in application it is terrible. Y girlfriend and I were using it to send each other funds because we were splitting a vacation and wow what a nightmare. First off there was no issue adding fund, transferring to Venmo, then transferring to an account. However, as soon as that happened the nightmare started. Venmo suspected it as fraud and held out fund for almost 3 weeks. When we talk to customer service they couldn't / wouldn't give us any info and then on top of it the issue was escalated to someone we couldn't call. All communication had to be done through email. It was the worst experience ever. I think this app is a great idea and I would've used it like crazy but never again. We used it once, got banned for life, and almost lost all our money. If you decide to use it anyway, just be aware that this could happen to you.
Reviewed by sushichick66 2018-01-07

Very easy to use money transferred instantly. Much easier than writing a traditional check. I believe Venmo is also PayPal. I took away one star due to privacy. When you sign up it automatically uploads all of your contacts in your phone without warning. It also connects to social media like Facebook. Once you've registered you can change these privacy settings, so be aware to go to settings immediately if you don't want all of your contacts who use Venmo to see your transactions. Also for each transaction you can select if you'd like your friends, the public to see Who you've paid, minus the amount. You can also set each transaction to private. Personally, I don't understand why it's anyone else's business who you pay for what kind of service. It's a Bizzarre concept to me, but then I don't live my life through social media. I am only using Venmo as a form of payment, like cleaning services. Still, it's easy to use and convenient. Just make sure to check Settings before you start transactions unless you want all of your friends, Family and coworkers to know what you're up to.
Reviewed by Feeling Great 2017-12-25

Thank goodness for Venmo! You can send money anytime to your family and friends with out giving up your person information. If your buddy forgot their card or cash when you all are going out on the town. You know they have their phone to Venmo. You can get the $ before you flip the bill. You’ll have a great time without wondering if you’ll ever see that $ again.
Reviewed by MilkyW98 2017-12-19

As the title says, Venmo would be convenient if it would work. I like my bank and was able to transfer my money stored in Venmo to my bank the first time but then Venmo decided that my bank should no longer be connected to my account. Sure, it would be a minor set back if I were able to actually connect my bank again. However, they have a Policy where a failed bank account can’t be connected to the account anymore. Boo, i’m not going to make another bank account just to use a service.
Reviewed by juropel 2017-12-19

Venmo is my preferred method for transferring funds between friends, family, and strangers on Craigslist. Love the lack of fees when paying with my checking account. I only wish it was easier to switch the checking account I’m paying from on a per transaction basis.
Reviewed by fyreous 2017-12-12

Overall, Venmo has made my life way easier. From paying babysitters, to quickly re-imbursing friends for things… Venmo is a fantastic app. I still can’t believe it’s virtually free. Transfers to/from my bank account are amazingly fast. Withdrawals usually complete in under a day. No complaints there. But, as a small question to the dev team, I’d simply like to ask - would it be too hard to enable landscape mode on the iPad and the iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus? Those of us with these devices often use them in landscape mode (for example, when hooked to a keyboard), and so I’m puzzled by the fact that such a simple layout fix still isn’t implemented on this app. That’s a pretty minor complaint, I know. But nonetheless I do hope it gets fixed soon!
Developer: Venmo
Download Size: 64573KB
Version: 6.21.0
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2010-04-02