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Total Update!!!
Mayan Alien Game Unlocked!
Boom Aliens have landed!!!

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Unlock the ancient secrets...

Contains two amazing insights into the artwork of the ancient Mayans! Chill with the relaxing glyphs and soundtrack, as you contemplate the universe...

App may have been purchased by an actual Mayan descendant...
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Reviewed by bmeeks24 2018-01-09

This looks like someone learning to program. This is half baked junk.
Reviewed by SawedInHalf 2018-01-09

Can anyone explain the entertainment factor or purpose of this, dare I say, game?
Reviewed by RossiRam 2018-01-09

Got this for free and it’s a horrible version of pong.
Reviewed by Kyndell H 2012-07-21

I like the long countdown. It grows on you, kind of mesmerizing.
Reviewed by RcbMMXII 2012-07-21

Just downloaded Mayan countdown. The app showcases some awesome Mayan artwork and has a cool soundtrack. I can just sit back, watch and listen. It's super groovy.
Reviewed by Bro2012 2012-07-21

Long Count and meditation! It's the Mayan Countdownz!
Developer: Dynamic Adventures Inc.
Download Size: 7465KB
Version: 3.3.3
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2009-11-16