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When we update the Discover app, you might not always notice big differences. That’s because we work hard behind the scenes, making small tweaks and adjustments that enhance your experience. We’ll make sure to highlight any significant new features and enhancements in the future, and in the meantime, thanks for using Discover!
You can manage your Discover account conveniently from anywhere, using Discover’s Mobile App. Check your balance, view your account info, make and edit payments, add your card into Apple Pay, manage your rewards, and more - all from your mobile device. 

Do you have questions or comments about the Discover app? Email mobappqs@service.discovercard.com.

• Log in quickly with a 4-digit Passcode
• Log in faster with Discover Touch ID, available for users with Discover passcode enabled on an eligible device – not supported on modified or jailbroken devices
• Enable Quick View to view account information without logging in

• Check your balance and available credit, and view or download monthly statements
• View and search transaction activity
• Make payments and edit or cancel pending payments
• Redeem rewards for statement credit or direct deposit in any amount
• Redeem rewards for Partner gift cards and eCertificates starting at $20 Cashback Bonus
• View your FICO® Credit Score* for free and learn what it means to lenders
*See FICO® Credit Score terms at Discover.com/FICO
• Freeze or unfreeze your account to prevent new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers
• Add your card into Apple Pay to use for purchases in-store on eligible devices with iOS 9
• Send and receive messages with Discover Customer Service
• View and edit your account profile
• Activate a new card or report a current card as lost, stolen or misplaced
• Use the Travel Notification feature to help ensure uninterrupted use of your card while traveling
• Get great offers for being a cardmember with Discover Deals, the one-stop-shop where you can access instant savings at checkout, additional rewards, or statement credits for purchases with popular brands (for eligible Cardmembers)
• Sign up to receive alerts about your account

• View account balances, summary and transaction history
• Track account activity and schedule transactions
• Transfer money
• Pay bills
• Deposit checks
• Find ATMs - Nationwide ATMs available to use your Discover debit card
• View statements
• View and send secure messages
• Make Personal Loan payments

Mobile Privacy Statement:


Mobile Terms of Use: 

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Reviewed by TurboZZ99 2018-01-13

I love Discover card . I’ve been a card member for around 35 years and have always been treated well by customer service. The Discover dollars do you accumulate at a decent pace, all be it, I spend a good amount of money per month on my card. I just bought an awesome $100 coffee maker for myself with Discover dollars and still have plenty of money left on my account for the future items . And best of all, as someone else pointed out, Discover dollars don’t expire although I’m sure in the T&C’s Discover can change/revoke the program at any time. My one complaint is that a fair number of times recently my card number has been replaced with a totally new number due to online security risk. Then I have to deal with a new number... bank drafts, etc. What happened to just changing the last four digits and rolling out a new card?? Much more tolerable!
Reviewed by Randall King 2018-01-13

The only problem I’ve found with the app is just in a recent update. Before, when I opened the app, I was immediately prompted for Touch ID and was able to quickly sign in. Now, I have to tap a small link indicating I want to use Touch ID, and then I’m able to sign in. Not sure why it’s requiring this extra step now. Otherwise, this is a terrific app and works flawlessly. This company also has great service. I wanted to add my wife to my Discover account. I was able to do this conveniently and efficiently in the Discover app. One of their competitors requires me to either visit a branch in person or go through a month of paperwork.
Reviewed by C Marie Z 2018-01-13

I absolutely love Discover! I have been a Discover Card member since 1986. Thank you for outstanding customer service over the years. Everyone I have encountered is from a US call center. The reps are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. My concerns are always addressed and resolved promptly. Your customer service is the primary reason I stay with Discover and recommend Discover to all my friends. Not to mention the great APRs and promos! Keep up the good work! Customer satisfaction here is 100%! There is no higher compliment that I could give any credit card company. I don’t normally write up ratings on much of anything, but Discover truly deserves it. Thank you! :)
Reviewed by Ghost sects 2017-12-24

It has been a long trial in searching for the perfect credit card. After many wrong turns and empty promises, I found Discover Card. They’re extremely reliable, and always have your back; they give you incentives and bonuses to use your card. The best thing of all is that they have a living, breathing representative to listen to you and fulfill all your needs every time you call. There’s never a dialect problem, nor an accent issue. So it is no surprise that they’re my only credit card. God bless them.
Reviewed by RyanX_81 2017-12-18

I’ve dealt with other credit card companies in the past that I thought were great until I got my Discover Card. The customer service is next to none. It seems like they wanted to solve or fix whatever I needed help with. Friendly people that seemed to truly understand and care. They suggested ways to keep my payments to a minimum even helped me set up my account. This will definitely be the main credit card I use. Oh yeah the app is great also.
Reviewed by TreyAldermen 2017-12-09

I’m a first time credit card user in college. There’s a lot I don’t understand. So the easy access to customer support in the app is great. I simply send them a text and somebody replies right away answering my question truthfully and clearly. The cash back for first time card users is also great. I recommended this to any first time users.
Reviewed by TomTheCoach 2017-12-09

The folks at ‘Discover Card’ just seem to be working at a higher level than their competitors... which benefits us greatly...i’m living and loving the “Discover advantage” :-))
Reviewed by aej42 2017-12-09

It's just easy. Everything is simple and accessible and the alerts are helpful reminders with being inundating.
Reviewed by Da.King 2017-12-02

I don’t usually writer reviews, but I’ve I’m so in love with this card. Not only does it look great, but the every time I have a question I can just go in the app and chat with a representative and they answer RIGHT away. Say thing when I call they ANSWER RIGHT AWAY. They just have a really high standards for their business and since I’ve had my card I have not had any issues. Only one I had was that I accidentally typed in my debit card number instead of my account number of my bank to make a payment and well after a couple of days I got charged with return fee but I was able to talk to representatives and explain what had happed and they were able to wave the fee. GREAT CARD/ GREAT APP
Reviewed by Angelbabe84 2017-12-02

Interest was added to my account and it put me over my limit by $6.95. Call me and leave a voicemail with no information for the call other than to call back or contact online. But how can I when I don't know what the call is about. I think it is a waste of time to call and make me put my number back on the 1800 list to tell me I'm over by less than $7. Whenever I call a 1800 number I ALWAYS start getting random calls from everywhere. I hate calling 1800 numbers. Could have sent an email or an alert through the app. Waste of everyone's time over 7 freaking dollars. I pay my bill usually by the 1st of the month so it was a big issue for me to be over for like a week when I would have logged in to pay my bill. The few times it's gone over before I NEVER got a call and waste my time.
Developer: Discover Financial Services
Download Size: 117072KB
Version: 7.9.1
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2009-11-17