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• Get CNN news at a glance on your Apple Watch across 12 personalized categories
• Get breaking news alerts and follow top stories as they develop
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Reviewed by Joshnc101 2018-01-13

I am amazed at how much CNN is getting attacked compared to the others. At the time of my review, Fox News has a few hundred decent reviews, probably because no decent person is going to bother attacking them for no reason. MSNBC has less than 100 at a 2 star average, and half of their bad reviews seem to be mostly on the performance of the app itself, the other half is the fake news screaming from trolls. They're even crapping on the CNN Money app which has absolutely nothing to do with politics. CNN app has garnered some 12,000+ bad reviews based on this "fake news" propaganda that Trump has drummed up and as he continues to push his lies, you hard core Trump supporters trolling the review section just gobble it all up like a fat boy eating an entire extra large pizza. Trump and his “base” attacks CNN so much because they expose his lies and hypocrisy time and time and time again. And you think the networks' rating are falling like a rock? Quite the contrary, all these attacks are giving them more viewerships. More eyes on the network, critical or not = better tv ratings. CNN is doing just fine thanks to you. Apple, please do something about these a hole trolls. They've tried the same thing in the google store CNN app, and google started taking care of them right away.
Reviewed by brightguy 2018-01-13

I noticed a few reviews by biased Trump supporters that do not like seeing any negative reporting on his performance. Unfortunately, news agencies report on both the good and bad. There has just been more negative than positive to report on with the current presidency. However, CNN, while slightly liberal has reported factually over the decades. Look thru their records and you’ll see plenty of negative press for Obama and Clinton and plenty of positive press for both Bushes. The reporting has always followed the actions of our president with accuracy. As for the app design, it’s a bit heavy with oversized elements that make it hard to scan and preview without lots of oversized graphics/images. I guess the new thing is to create news that is more similar to a 3 year old’s picture book (with PowerPoint style videos - just photos with oversized captions). They have less and less word articles to READ and it’s sorely missed. They put advertising before reporting the news.
Reviewed by SL500Roadster 2018-01-13

It’s refreshing to know the real patriots of our country can depend on CNN to report facts as opposed to another network that masquerades as “news” when it’s nothing but a professional far right wing bloggers dream! I guess the FCC allows propaganda and outright lies to be regurgitated from the mouths of their “entertainers” who claim they are delivering news. I remember the time when we were doing bomb drills in school and taught about the Russians propaganda machine. Unfortunately, now It’s come to America, no-thanks to our so-called patriots who are more interested in building a wall and keeping people out who don’t look like them, than the Russians undermining our democracy and possibly taking over our country with the help of Trump and his heartless, selfish and greedy cohorts. I forgot to mention their rabid protests about athletes not standing for the flag and Yet these “patriotic” Americans are trying to suppress minorities voting rights and stack the federal courts with extreme right wing judges. Thank you CNN! Keep up the excellent coverage of “REAL” news.
Reviewed by Mattfnlar 2018-01-01

If you want a news app that is going to reassure your leftist views and always tell you that you are right and everyone else is wrong then this is the app for you. However if you want a news app that is going to report on real, unbiased news then you need to move on. This news network is a joke to journalism and will twist anything that can to bash president Trump or any one on the right constantly with no regard to actual news or any type of real journalism. And I am in no way saying that other news apps don’t twist stories at all such as Fox but my god CNN is soooo bad about it that it doesn’t even compare. CNN either stands for counterfeit news network or Clinton news network. Mind you I do have this app downloaded, but it is in my entertainment folder. I find it amusing when a bs story pops up, or they do videos that clearly bash the right, it’s funny to see them think they are in charge.
Reviewed by Brumtech 2017-12-26

As a Trump voter and supporter I appreciate the balanced news delivery this app provides. If you don’t want to read stories about what our government is doing, right or wrong, then you should bury your head in the sand. I believe an informed public is essential for democracy to survive. We need to keep all politicians in check. To label something “fake news” simply because you don’t like the truth is disingenuous. If Fox News is truly “Fair and Balanced” why is there never, ever, a negative story about our current administration? They had no problem attacking the previous president hourly. This, my fellow citizens, is textbook hypocrisy. I fear Fox News is slowly destroying my Republican Party, so I come to CNN to find out what is happening in the world.
Reviewed by pianotunernj 2017-12-26

For those of you who think that CNN is biased because they call Trump a liar, you are all Brownshirts in the making. Trump endorsed Roy Moore for senate. If you think you can trust people who are bigoted, sexist and devoid of any moral compass to manage policy in the best interests of all Americans, you are truly stupid. Those issues are non starters for anyone with any sense. Trump is a cancer, and so are his supporters. An irredeemable cancer. Hopefully they will get older and fade away while the get replaced by the 21’st century. Thank you CNN for speaking truth, and to hell with these amoral Trump idiots.
Reviewed by IamSharona 2017-12-20

Political views at home are opposite. I’m Team CNN, MSNBC & he is team (ugh) Fox News . I cant stand to see or hear one second of Fox News. He does not want me to watch CNN. Luckily I have CNN app on my phone & can watch live. We started as both voting for Obama but he changed. I’m still Team Obama but he is now Team (ugh) Trump. Sometimes change is not good. Some of the pro Trump people I see on CNN really get on my nerves. I don’t know his name but one Weasley guy who was harassing Anna Navarro recently was very annoying. Send him to Fox. Yuk. ShacaWe
Reviewed by neutral kudos 2017-12-20

In this politically charged climate, it’s important to keep calling out injustice. Whether on the left or the right, reporting facts is important. It’s also ok to report opinion as long as it’s represented as opinion as you do. Don’t be bullied into giving up please. And thank you for correcting mistakes when they occur. Double, triple checking before reporting is as important as an out of work employee proofing a resume.
Reviewed by Jessica/ Critter Car 2017-12-20

CNN is, and always has been the news network you go to, if you want the truth and latest news that is happening in the U.S. & internationally. We watch it daily on our home T.V. & I check my CNN news updates regularly on my phone app. They are in our home and lives so much, that my husband & I have often discussed the anchors and correspondents as if they are family. We truly have CNN on in our home daily. We LOVE CNN!!❤️
Reviewed by jabute1 2017-12-14

Thank you for standing up to all the bigotry coming out of the rights mouth, being a voice for people like me that don't have that platform. I'm a white blue collar union male, that believes this administration is ruining America. So much more to say about it, but there's no need from me. CNN just has to report the news and it's done for people like me.
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