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Reviewed by carolinaqtpi 2018-01-13

My sisters and I are all on my mom’s account even though we have our own playlist and but if by chance we like a song on each other‘s playlist we cannot listen to the same music unless we are together it makes no sense that if I want to listen to a song I have to be with my sister if she’s already listening to her playlist no two people can listen to the sign playlist at the same time if we are paying for premium then my mom should not have to pay for premium on every single phone of her call plan for us to be able to listen to the music the way we want to even if you have to go up just a little on the premium price for everybody to be able to listen to music this timeline cell phone bills are high enough without having to pay for every single little thing that’s on the phone to
Reviewed by Fun...ish hhhhhhhhhh 2018-01-13

Reading through reviews, many who complain seem to simply be uneducated in how some of the quirks are in this app. Everything that is supposed to work in a certain way does, such as the playlist repeats and such, and where I see people get wound up is in the suggestion/ radio playlists that seemingly “can come on randomly”. As someone who uses this app extensively, that is quite possible the most beautiful feature to me. I have discovered so much beautiful music from new artists big and small that I love. All you have to do is make sure that repeating is on if you don’t want this feature to start when the playlist/album is over, and it’s easy to manage. This is a great app that has allowed me to discover and appreciate all kinds of music, just try it out!
Reviewed by T-Rawwwww 2018-01-13

I love this service and I don’t plan on cancelling my subscription any time soon, but there are a few features I’ve enjoyed with other music apps in the past that I think would be nice like an in-app equalizer that’s easy to access, a faster way to add songs in your library to playlists (like going to edit a playlist, using an “add songs button”, and it just lets you scroll through your library and add songs with a single tap instead of multiple clicks for every song). I’d also like some more sorting options for songs in your library. Right now you can sort by date and alphabetical on the iPhone version, but things like genre and artist. Don’t take the 4 stars the wrong way, it would totally have been 5 if it had these features.
Reviewed by 3.1.3 Crashing 2017-12-26

Update: So I stopped listening to daily mix because of my previous review. Not sure if that will ever be addressed but I enjoy the app nonetheless. On my 7+, this app runs flawlessly and used daily. On my 6+, it doesn’t run as smooth and pauses while navigating the app. Aside from this there are no major complaints, 5 stars. [Previous Review] Giving this 3 stars for now because there is no way to reset a daily mix or delete one. Please let us have the option to edit or delete a daily mix so that it can play music I actually like. It created mixes based on radio like but even though I like a certain genre or song, I'm still stuck with a daily mix that I don't want to listen to.
Reviewed by Bookie21 2017-12-21

I really dig this app, use it every day. Using it right now actually. I would like if they didn’t cap how much music you can “save” or if when we downloaded music it didn’t always save it. Either way. It’s a pain to clear out my saved music when I hit the limit (I download more so than stream). It’d also be cools if there was opportunity to review albums/discuss them. That’d be a cool way for artists to get feedback and for users to discern whether an album would be something of interest to them. My only issue that’s truly caused annoyance has been the random times that the app has removed all of my downloads for no reason. It happens every month or two and it’s a pain. If those could be fixed/changed, I’d be stoked!
Reviewed by Hate Bait and Switch 2017-11-27

While there are a few simple “additions” to current features I’d like to see, I find the app amazingly versatile for use in my practice medium. After over 60 years of playing piano, about three years ago I tore my improvisational work down to the bare basics and took the time to fully implement rhythmic aspects I had not been using to my satisfaction. This application was useful in every stage of my reinvention and continues to serve me well as I continue growing as a pianist. I am also certain that should I opt to play professionally again, it would be great as the basis from which to expand in a live situation. I look forward to all improvements as the developers add them!
Reviewed by The Evil Bloop 2017-11-27

You can pay for premium which gives you add free music and tons of other bonuses but unlike most apps if you don't pay for it (like me) the app still works wonderfully. It has tons of songs and very up to date! I really love its suggested music feature, if you've been listening for a long while it will play music that's similar to the style of your music or by there same artist. It does this so you don't get a bunch of repeated songs and it's a great way to discover new ones. Once they start playing if you don't want it you simply have to go to your playlist and click play and it converts you back to your songs.
Reviewed by AVWCJSH 2017-11-20

It’s an amazing app! I used to buy songs on iTunes, but ever since I used Spodify, I never went back anywear near as much. One feature I love is that you can create your OWN playlist. Even better than iTunes if you ask me. One feature I would like is the feature that allows you to preview a song and hear 30 seconds instead of the full thing. It really helps you to find if the song your trying to find is the inexperience are viewing. Something that gets on my nerves is how after you hear your playlist, a bunch of requested or related songs play without any consent of the listener.
Reviewed by DebKiser 2017-11-20

Easy to use and this is a lot better then pandora and I will never go back to pandora, because on this app it is easy to find songs that you could not find on pandora and if you could find those songs on pandora they would play it once and then maybe you would hear it one more time like a month later. On this app you hear those same songs you wanted to hear time and time again AND it really i repeat REALLY lets you Personalize YOUR stations the way you want them to be. SO in closing THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS VERY VERY VERY MUCH
Reviewed by Unicornzfordayz 2017-11-20

I like this app, but whenever I go to my playlist to listen to my music it will just play random suggested songs not even related to what I listen to. Plz fix this. And whenever it does random songs I don’t like I try to skip and it won’t let me so I have to listen to bad music in front of my mom cause I have nothing else that I like to listen to it’s just aggravating.
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Download Size: 123244KB
Version: 6.8.0
Recommended Age: 12+
Release Date: 2011-07-14