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What's New
• Added Hop Bets including Hop 6, 7, 8
• Added Fire Bet
• iPhone can now be rotated
• Various bug fixes and enhancements
• 2009 Best App Ever Awards: Best Casino Game Honorable Mention - bestappever.com
• Rated 4.5 Stars - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by 148Apps (full review at www.148apps.com/reviews/aw-craps).
• "There are several Craps applications for the iPhone but this is the best I have found to date." – About.com


Experience the thrill and excitement of casino craps with Aw Craps!

• The table layout is designed to simulate a real casino craps table.
• Hear actual "Stick Calls" after each roll.
• Realistic 3D animated full table dice rolling where you control the strength and direction of the dice rolls, including 'short rolls', off the table rolls, and dealer warnings to hit the back wall.
• Bets are made just like in the casino: place your chips on the table, and the Aw Craps! dealer will place your chips in the correct position on the table.
• Collect your winning bets just like in the casino. The dealer will place your winnings on the table and it is up to you to pick them up.
• Make common multiple-bets (inside, outside, across, c&e, 3-way craps, horn bet, hi-lo and whirl).
• Quickly re-bet your winnings (press, parlay, down with odds, off and on, take it down, and same bet).
• Choose from five different dice to simulate shooters that are hot, warm, standard, cool or cold.

Choose from five different colored dice, each with specialized probabilities. The different dice allow you to test your betting strategies against different types of shooters (hot, warm, standard, cool and cold).

• Over 50 audible "Stick Calls"
• Realistic full table 3D dice rolling
• 3 ways to roll: flick, shake and tap
• Flick the dice to control the strength and direction of the dice
• Shake to roll: shake lightly to rattle the dice, shake hard to roll them
• Tap 'Throw Dice' button to roll for quicker play
• Tapping on any table area gives you detailed information about that area
• Interactive guided tour gets you playing Aw Craps! quickly
• Manual rolling mode allows you to choose dice rolls for learning or real dice rolling
• The Aw Craps! dealer will advise you on bet increments for odds, place, buy and lay bets
• C+E, 3-way craps, horn, hi-lo, whirl, inside/outside/across place bets are supported
• Hop bets are supported including Hop 6, Hop 7, Hop 8
• The fire bet is supported
• Table layout and game play simulates real casino craps
• Easily control if bets are "working" or off on the come-out roll
• Large chips and bet areas for easier game play
• Choose your table limit, table odds, and starting bankroll
• Roll history graphs roll counts for both the current game and for all rolls
• Roll tester allows you to simulate and view hundreds of dice rolls

Supported bets: pass line, pass line odds, don't pass, don't pass odds, come, come odds, don't come, don't come odds, place, buy, lay, field, big 6, big 8, any seven, any craps, the hardways, one time 2, 3, 11 (yo), 12, C+E, 3-way craps, horn, hi-lo, whirl, hop, fire and inside/outside/across place bets.

Supported table odds: 1X, 2X, 3X, 3-4-5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 100X.

Supported table limits: $1-$1,000, $5-$5,000, $10-$10,000, $15-$15,000, $25-$25,000, $50-$50,000, $100-$100,000, $1,000-$1,000,000

CONTACT US: Please contact us with ALL feedback at support@24x7digital.com.
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Reviewed by Pkokkinis 2018-01-12

I love how you can select the temperature of the dice, or just leave at purely random. Graphics are great too. BUT, if I make a pass line bet of $5, and my number is 9, why can't I place $10 odds behind my $5? This sounds like a no brainer. I've played craps on everything...everything...even on Windows 95. Placing whatever odds you want behind the pass line is a given. This app says you can either put $6 or $20. I get it, it has to be in multiples of 2 if your point is 9, but why can't I place $10 odds without tapping the press $1 five times. I'm leaving this app installed on my phone for a few days, then deleting it and asking for a refund if not corrected. How can any serious craps player play this game?
Reviewed by TheKingDavis 2018-01-12

I've tried all the free craps sos and was largely let down by my experience. Then a craps forum suggested this app. It is well worth every penny. If you don't know how to play this is a fantastic app to learn on. The biggest seller for me was the manual dice mode. I can throw real dice in my house or anywhere and log down the outcome on the game for a much more realistic feeling. This app helps hold me over when I get that craps itch.
Reviewed by President Clark 2018-01-12

I've played quite a few craps apps and this one is the best but could be better with a couple of modifications. First off though the gameplay is awesome. It's very easy to make and take down bets. It tells you what you can and cannot do. It helps with the math and placing the bets in the correct multiples depending on the point. All that is great and better than any other craps app. It could be better by allowing me to make changes to payouts, specifically the Field bet when a 12 is hit. Every casino I play at pays triple on a 12 and that certainly affects my payout strategy. Also, it seems like the 7 is weighted in some fashion to what is being bet using the standard dice. I'll look every hundred rolls or so and 7 is consistently above is probability line. Also it seems to be weighted pretty evenly on the come out roll, but as soon as bets are placed, the 7 is most likely. Fix that and I'd pay more for this app and give it 5 stars.
Reviewed by Rednunya 2017-08-19

I bought this because the other app had too many ads. This app is great on the bets and learning. Horrible on testing strategies because it's like it knows where you are betting and is out to bankrupt you. 1 star for bogus rolls, makes it not even fun to play with how obvious the rolls are against you
Reviewed by Hardwayz 2017-07-15

Excellent game! The graphics, the play, the automated voice and the betting and the explanation of the bets. I like to hop the "Hard Ways" on the come out roll, is there a way to bet it hopping all the hard ways on come out?
Reviewed by Hostilitee 2017-06-03

This game has what all of the free games are missing. It even remember your most recent bets for each different bet on the table. Very hand for complicated betters who like to spread out their bets.
Reviewed by texasmoney 2017-05-06

Dice are reactive to the bets you make, predictable results every time you make certain bets. Wish it had truly random rolls, cuz it's worthless for testing a strategy. No way to make place bets working on the come out. If you're a player, this is useless practice, newbies will be turned off by the results that don't represent the game
Reviewed by DisappointedPSEUser 2017-04-13

I am using it to learn and practice craps for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. It's easy and intuitive to use and super fun. I even had a question and the developer answered in a day - AWESOME !!!!
Reviewed by Xzdfddghjk 2017-04-13

Not worth the purchase. No way to furnish feedback and no easy way to bet multiple unit place bets across. Save your money or buy another craps app
Reviewed by bmeeks24 2017-02-15

This is one of my longest running favorite games. I still keep it on every device I have. He has done a great job of keeping it looking and playing great. A+++ Old review from many moons ago: So many of the craps games really stink. This one plays fast and the UI makes it easy to place bets quickly. This is the craps game to get.
Developer: 24x7digital LLC
Download Size: 24323KB
Version: 4.0
Recommended Age: 12+
Release Date: 2009-02-19