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Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Carry a library in your pocket anywhere you go. Get access to more than 4,000,000 books and audiobooks including over 1,000,000 Kindle exclusive titles for books you have purchased from Amazon to use on this app. With the Kindle app, get your book once and read it on any device and share across your family’s devices.
Choose from a wide selection of books, newspapers, and magazines. Shop in your browser for books to read in the Kindle app.

Build your own library
• Read a sample of any book before adding it to your library
• Share your books across your household with Family Library
• Get personalized recommendations with Welcome Experience
• Get popular magazines and newspapers, and even textbooks with high-resolution color images
• Go into your local library to check out an eBook, and have it delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app

Best reading tools
• Customize your reading experience with your preferred font style, font size, background color, line spacing and margin size
• Explore Page Flip enabled books to reference charts, graphs and maps while we save your place
Enjoy nighttime reading with adjustable screen brightness
• Easily edit or change highlight colors, and select long passages that span multiple pages
• Tap and hold text for instant definition and translations
• Search inside the book to find key ideas, characters, and locations using smart look-up, as well as background info and biographies from Wikipedia within the app with X-Ray for Books (English, German, Japanese, Chinese titles only)
• Accessibility features make it easier for blind and visually impaired readers to navigate Kindle libraries, read & interact with books, and more

Kindle exclusives
• Enjoy unlimited access to over 1,000,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks with Kindle Unlimited eBook Subscription  
• Automatically synchronize bookmarks, annotations, and your furthest page read across devices and app with Whispersync
• Switch seamlessly between reading your Kindle book and listening to its audio companion with Whispersync for Voice

Kindle Education
• Maintain the rich formatting of your textbook, just like the print edition, with Kindle Print Replica
• Explore important terms in your textbook using X-Ray, including links to Wikipedia and YouTube content
• Make your own flashcards or auto-generate them to brush up on concepts, terms, and definitions after each chapter

Organize your reading
• Easily group your reads into custom categories with Kindle’s Collection. The sorted collections are then stored in the Cloud linked to your Amazon account
• Send PDFs or any documents to Kindle for later reading. Amazon provides free Personal Documents Service to assist with file transfers
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Reviewed by Theocritus125 2018-01-16

The new icon is nice, and the quick return to your currently read book is nice. Still missing a key feature before I am comfortable leaving iBooks: *would really love to see support for a scrolling option, which is very handy when laying in bed and resting a device on your chest. This is the main reason I stick with iBooks since I read a lot in bed before going to sleep. Also, where is the split-screen support on the iPad? Otherwise, a nice app.
Reviewed by Michael W. Perry 2018-01-16

I do this every time a new version comes out because each shares a common problem. This app is too big, bloated and full of irrelevant features. Not everyone has a 128 GB iPhone. In my case, storage space is so tight, I've taken this reader off, which means I have no reason to buy Kindle books—even though I've written some myself. Give us a Kindle Lite that's for reading only. You are a huge company. You can afford it. And yeah, I know you're not the only offender. the Walmart app is equally bloated and for much the same reason. Companies keep adding features under the assumption more is better. it isn't. You're off my iPhone. The Walmart app is next in line.
Reviewed by Milhambre 2018-01-16

The "improvements" that have been made & the integration of Goodreads are not things I care about. In my opinion, the app has taken several steps back with this last upgrade. It's sooo slow now, opening or closing. Sometimes, I have to restart the app several times before I can even navigate to the book I want ~ if I don't give up first. I don't like the layout; it was simpler & more efficient before. The least the App store could do is offer an option to use a previous version. I was using version 5.13.1 which worked great but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to go back.
Reviewed by cjones 2018-01-09

The app is a lot prettier. Love the integration with Goodreads but it’s a bit confusing at times. It would be nice to find a better more streamlined way to navigate Goodreads within the Kindle app. I’m switching between an iPad Pro 10.5 and my iPhone X and the Kindle app isn’t syncing at all so I’ve got to drop it down to 2 stars because having to manually go to the page I’m on on a different device is a major buzzkill. Also I find the notes window to be big and ugly and clunky. And it is in a separate window from the highlighted text so it isn’t obvious what book text my note is referring to. Can you find a better aesthetic? Maybe connect the highlighted text window and the notes window that is directly related to the highlighted text so that it makes sense? Last request, there is a lot of wasted space on my iPhone X screen? When are you going to update the app to format it for the iPhone X? Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait to see some updates and add more stars!!
Reviewed by Potter6Plus 2018-01-09

While the new design, new light theme, and new features are much appreciated, the app still needs to be updated for the iPad Pro 10.5 as it currently gets upscaled to fill the screen which causes text and images to be blurry, resulting in more eye strain and less reading. Add the iPhone X to that. Not as big a deal if you turn on the dark theme while reading as it will blend in with the black bars surrounding the app, but definitely an eye sore in other themes and other areas of the app. Additionally, as other reviewers have mentioned, multitasking support would be a huge help as well, allowing users to read their book while working in another app at the same time (for example, students could have a textbook or required reading book open next to their preferred notebook app to easily take notes while reading)
Reviewed by meowhowbrowncow 2018-01-09

I honestly do not care of for the Kindle layout and I would much prefer the iBooks app over the Kindle App. In other words, sometimes I cannot get an iBook copy of an ebook that is available on Amazon/Kindle, so I have to deal with Kindle Layout. What I mean by that are the following: pages do not fit the screen on an iPad on Landscape mode so you have to scroll the screen to read the remaining content. It gets kind of annoying. It would also be great if the app had eye-friendly settings to the ebook’s pages such as a darker background with white font or sepia background with the choices for a different font. I mean, c’mon. It’s an ebook for a reason other than making a digital copy. It’s a preference. Thanks.
Reviewed by Majcina 2018-01-03

The app is more intuitive now than in years past. Navigation is easier, and synchronization between devices is reasonably seamless. The font and color scheme options are adequate. I wish it would let me easily bookmark the exact line I left on at. Right now, I use the highlight feature to do it, but it’s a bit clunky. And it STILL doesn’t fill my iPhone X screen. It’d be at least 4 stars if they made that one simple fix (5 stars if you’re an easy grader).
Reviewed by isalaur 2017-12-29

I have gradually been transitioning from reading almost solely in iBooks to more and more reading in the kindle app. Part of the reason is the advantage and character nave I ended of seamlessly switching from audible to reading. Part of the reason is the seamless shift between devices (iPad to iPhone to iPad Pro). Another reason is my enjoyment of my kindle unlimited plan. There are drawbacks. I like the formatting in iBooks better and the fact that there is an actual page count as opposed to “location.” I don’t even understand what “location” means! I don’t love the new update in kindle as I liked the layout of my library in the last version better. Going smaller is never better and I see it as wasted space on the screen. While I like the integration with Goodreads to post reviews in two places at the same time all of a sudden I get an error message every time that the review submission is not working. This is a HUGE drawback for me as that is one of the feature I really like above iBooks. Pros: integration with Goodreads, when it was working. Use of kindle unlimited, integration with audible.
Reviewed by Sayde5555 2017-12-29

I'm an avid reader and to have all the books I want on hand wherever I go is awesome! Purchasing books is such a simple process and there is an infinite amount of books for any income level. Kindle unlimited is also an excellent program, especially when you can read and listen on Audible for free. There are only two improvements that I wish were made. Once I read a book and delete it from my device I really wish it would have a symbol on the cover in my library that its been read. I know it shows new with a check mark when not read but if I missed downloading a book I assume I read it since it's not marked. And the other thing is no matter how long ago or recently I've borrowed a book from KU i wish it would let me know that when I'm shopping for books like it lets me know when I purchased a book, which is a great thing btw. Overall I would give the kindle and the app 10 stars if I could.
Reviewed by heathergirl63 2017-12-29

I love my Kindle app! I admit that I was dubious at first, back when Kindle was new. I am a book person, after all, and nothing can replace The Book! However, I now have the Kindle app on all my devices. I appreciate how I can start reading on my iPad at home and pick right up where I left off on my iPhone whilst I am in a waiting room somewhere. I appreciate the ways that updates and improvements are always being made to the app. I love the fact that I can change the font size so I don’t have to wear glasses whilst reading. I love the way the graphics make it look like I am turning pages. I love the way I can highlight, save, and make notes as I go along. I love that I can opt to have Whisper Sync so I can listen to the book being read to me. (This is not available on all books, but that is not about Kindle). OH! I love the dictionary feature so I can look up definitions of words I don’t know without searching for a large, unwieldy tome.
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Version: 5.5
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2009-03-04