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Reviewed by benissimo 2018-01-13

Update: crashes on startup. Worst so far. ---------------- For a few weeks now I've noticed how if I'm using the app while listening to music on headphones, my music will suddenly stop. I tracked it down to some banner ad in the app which makes a brief burst of sound and then mutes itself, interrupting my phone's audio, causing the music to switch to pause (and requiring me to manually unpause my music app each time). This was annoying enough but today I note other ads in the app which spontaneously open up as full page video without having been clicked, even without having been on screen! As a paying NYT subscriber, I don't see why the app should contain ads at all, much less buggy, invasive ones that ruin the news reading experience. What's the point of adding a pay wall if you continue with the race to the bottom with advertisements? Please consider either raising your subscription rates for an ad free version or banning video and audio ads (since you're clearly not able to ensure they are bug free). In the meantime I'll use Flipboard , who also carry ads but avoid the bugs mentioned above.
Reviewed by ggmpd 2018-01-13

I have been a reader of the New York Times for a number of years. I had both print and digital subscriptions and up until now had been using the previous NY Times app for the iPad. Since getting a new iPad for Christmas and updating to the latest version of iOS I decided I would switch to the latest incarnation of the NY Times app for the iPad. Big mistake. This new app makes the Times almost unreadable. From the annoying layout to outright bugs (pictures don’t load in an article leaving large gray areas) to the annoying ad placement (ads after every paragraph in a story practically), this is a dud. I’m thinking of ditching my digital subscription and going back to print or just ditching the Times entirely. I can’t believe that this app had any QA testing ever done on it. It certainly never would have made it out the door where I used to work.
Reviewed by LawHF007 2018-01-13

Search function is terrible: search “movie and review” and the top hits are not the most recent movie reviews, tho these are the most relevant hits. In fact, anything with the word “review” comes up, including articles about the Supreme Court. Does the app not know the meaning of the search term “and”?! Good grief! In fact, no movie reviews come up in that search. This should embarrass the app developer. A computer search in 2018 should function (at least as well as one performed in 1998-this app search fails that standard). Relatedly: I should be able to find ALL NYTimes movie reviews in ONE place, listed either alphabetically or chronologically. Instead, I am lucky to find 2 or 3. There should be a section that is JUST the movie reviews-they have this in the online NYTimes so it should be here, too, especially if the search function can’t find movie reviews (again, embarrassing). (Searching “critics picks” brings up nothing relevant, whereas it should bring up all of the movie reviewers’ “picks”, which the Times actually calls “critics’ picks”)-good grief!.) I am not writing a general review of the app bc this issue is what I am thinking about right now.
Reviewed by JSR65 2018-01-01

Top Stories appears twice when the app opens, including a section at the very top with VERY old headlines including an annoying picture of Hugh Hefner that I am sick and tired of seeing. Why can’t NYT get simple things like user interface to work in the last few months? Did you fire or lose some key people? The newspaper industry is losing subscribers, do you want to lose your remaining loyal customers? I pay MUCH more for this subscription than the MANY other options out there for news. Please try to get it right, or this frustrated subscriber may just find enough incentive to look elsewhere for less expensive and more user-friendly news apps...
Reviewed by TEDfan22 2017-12-27

I’ve used it everyday since about sept 2017 and like it a lot. I have an iPhone, looks like other devices may have issues (didn’t read all the low ratings), but it doesn’t crash, I love the immersive 360 vid pieces and multimedia approaches to complex data visualization (read “tax plan”) and interviews. Only complaint is the search feature: type in “crossword” or “David brooks” and you get an irrelevant list. That’s why just 4stars.
Reviewed by Youiy 2017-12-27

Why "fix" what's not broken? Every time I open the app on my iPad I am frustrated. I usually see one giant picture and 1-2 articles. For someone who looks at a lot of news, making your app much less informationally dense has basically ruined the value I get from my subscription. My usage of the app (and frankly the web version as well) is way down. Going to wait 1-2 more months before canceling my subscription, but unless there are changes, that is what I will be doing. Unfortunate because the journalism is great, but how it is delivered has been ruined.
Reviewed by ThunderPatrol 2017-12-22

Between the daily briefings, The Daily podcast, and the numerous articles covering a huge range of topics, I’m never left in the dark about important news. The app also find a right balance in sending notifications about breaking and developing stories.
Reviewed by Tink483 2017-12-22

Why does app require WiFi access? Why does it not work with 3G or 4G? PITA
Reviewed by nthorn 2017-12-17

The NY Times app continues to overheat my iPhone 8+ even after numerous updates to the app. Multiple bug reports have been emailed to the developer team and nothing has been resolved. If I could give the app zero stars, I would. While reading articles my device become noticeably warm on the back just below the camera. After a few minutes the screen automatically dims the brightness. This behavior continues even if the NY Times app is the only one open on my phone. While the news reporting might be the best in the business, their app developers are second rate. Please fix this or you’ll lose a subscriber.
Reviewed by Leathernmr 2017-12-17

The Times has created content that now looks like tabloids with all the ads. You only get a few lines of text in an article before running into another ad. It is distracting to the point that I have now largely switched reading the Washington Post much more often than the times. It is sad that the wonderful Times content is now almost completely unreadable with the distracting ads. I understand the need for them, but before this change, they were off to the side and more manageable. I’m close to dropping my NYT subscription.
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Release Date: 2008-07-11