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What's New
- New game mode : Swoop
- 50 new levels
- 3 new balls
Over 125,000,000 downloads worldwide!
Play now the #1 addictive game of the year!

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups.
You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it !

Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.
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Reviewed by The Blobfish 885 2017-12-19

I love this app so much it is so much fun! But.... when there's an add about every other time it doesn't let you close it and it just freezes. You have to close the app completely, and it happens so much it's really annoying. If you would fix it that would be amazing. Fidget spinner is amazing but fidget tap is like zig zag, lava like slide, and volcano like color fly. I love the new obstacles level! I feel like your running out of ideas. You should have a contest on the app or on a website where you can design your own mode and the winner gets theirs as an actual game mode. There’s too many adds, you should at least give people stars for having to watch them. (Besides continues) But other than that this game is awesome!
Reviewed by ⚽ Freak 2017-12-19

Color Switch is a great game that will never stop being fun....until the ads hit. There is literally an ad every other time you play, in addition to winning extra stars and continuing your game. IT’S TOO MANY ADS!! Sometimes they even pop up DURING YOUR GAME. Color Switch lost a player today solely because of the ads. I know I can turn on airplane mode but that’s too much of a hassle for something as stupid as this. And paying money for the lack of ads is just pathetic. If Color Switch ever fixes this awful, frustrating ad problem, I’d definitely consider re-downloading, because it’s a very fun, addictive game (without the ads).
Reviewed by blub 2017-12-19

I love the game but sometimes when I try to play a round an ad pops up and I have to wait to continue the game. And when the ad is over I cannot do anything after that so I die and have to start over. Also to be honest I am not one of those people that can afford removing ads from from a game on my phone. But like I said I enjoy the game just not when the ads pop up in the middle of a round.
Reviewed by Posa123 2017-12-13

I absolutely love this game! Every single level is challenging, but fun to beat. I also really like the spin the wheel and daily challenge, plus all the different modes. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of five is because of all the ads. The ads are frequent and frustrating. Sometimes, I’m in the middle of a really hard level, and I’m about to win, when, suddenly an ad pops up, and I lose! Also, they sometimes last way too long, or get stuck and repeat, so then I have to exit and restart the app to be able to play. The ads aren’t exactly super appropriate sometimes especially the Episode ones, so I think everyone agrees the game would be a lot better if you would just get rid of the ads!
Reviewed by Rsutto 2017-12-13

I love this game with all my heart, and I've been playing it since forever. My problem is the fact that the game makers need to chill on the ads. I know it makes you money, but I'll be playing in a level and an ad will suddenly pop up (IN the MIDDLE of the level). I'll get frustrated, then finally when the ad goes away, I die. This bothers me, and I really hope you fix it. Other than that, I think all of the levels are enjoyable and I think I'll be playing this for an even longer time.
Reviewed by Olivia Terra 2017-12-13

Color Switch is a great game and VERY addictive but I have some suggestions. 1. Why so many ads? Yes you get paid but some ads you have to X out of the app to get rid of. Also some ads come in the middle of the game which is very frustrating when you are doing very good and you have been struggling. 2. I think you should have a button on the app that you can click and It will give you a random level because sometimes you don't know what to play and you just get bored and that causes you to go to a different app. Also if you make the button we may get a new favorite game mode. I think there should be 3 challenges each day. 1 should be easy, 2 should be medium and 3 should be hard. That way we are kept busy longer.
Reviewed by Burb a Lurbs 2017-12-08

This game is overall very fun. There are tons of different modes and each one is a bit different. However, they make some modes, name it accordingly, and when a holiday rolls around, they copy the same idea, just calling it something that goes along with the holiday. But whatever. Like everybody else said, this game has so many ads. Usually I just turn on Airplane Mode before I play the game, and that solves the ad problem. When I don't turn on Airplane Mode, though, I usually manage to play one level before they hit me with ad. Super annoying. Anyway, I do have one suggestion. I think it would be nice to be able to move the modes around. Like in that big list when you choose which one your going to play? You should be able to move those around so that you can move your favorites up to the top, etc. It used to not be a problem, but now there are so many modes that it would be super helpful to be able to do that. Overall great game!!
Reviewed by Artistic Arist 2017-12-08

I’ve been using this app since late 2016. It is the first app I got. So Fun. I have too many ads. But still FUN game. I haven’t finished any of the modes completely, BUT... I was so close to finishing Fidget Spinner but then they added more levels. And I didn’t find them as fun as the ones Before. I love the new update PIXEL, it is so amazing, I love it! You guys should add even more levels to it , because I’m close to finishing it and a want more challenging levels for the mode PIXEL I love the game it is so AWESOME, ADDICTING, AND FANTASTIC. Thank You for making this amazing game. I love keep up the good work Color Switch Team! Keep making more modes! Thank You again! I also love the new update Avalanche.... IT IS SO FUN. I love how the snow ❄️ falls on level 5... I am barely on level 6. I just started playing today. =)
Reviewed by LolKarli 2017-12-08

This is one of the most entertaining games I play, but it has 2 issues that must be fixed. First of all, the first issue with this game is that you NEED to cut back on the ads, because every time you play a level, (whether you win the level or loose) an ad pops up. Not only it’s an add, it’s the SAME one every time. I think you should either not make so many adds, or you should play different adds. My second issue with the game is that it has a glitch. When you tap the screen with both of your thumbs at the same time, it will go slower, in a result of loosing, which causes another ad to come up. PLEASE fix these issues and I will write another review the next update you make. THANK YOU!! -k
Reviewed by Color Swith biggest 2017-11-27

When u get bored of one level another one comes up so many different challenges to pick from ☺️
Developer: Fortafy Games
Download Size: 65509KB
Version: 5.80
Recommended Age: 4+
Release Date: 2015-12-05