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3D Stickers\r\n* Place an emoji sticker on a video Snap, then press and hold to pin it!\r\n* While you’re recording a video Snap, double tap the screen to flip cameras!\r\n
Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

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Reviewed by Charan Bandi 2016-04-21

The optimization can be forgotten Using a MI5 with a adreno 530 and snadragon 820 and Android 6.0. And I have no 3d tracking emoji's ,no rewind ,no fast forward, no video filters. I dunno what can make these features happen if mine can't! If you want to push new updates twice every week, can u make sure if the previous version are corrected first?!
Reviewed by Genine Elaiza Landicho 2016-04-21

Keep on updating but can't get the filters I'm using an LG K10 Lite phone and it's android 6.0. I keep on updating my snapchat everytime and yet I still don't have those new filter!! Is it really not compatible with my phone? Kindly fix this please. I want those filters!!!
Reviewed by Ashlee Hill 2016-04-21

3rd Pointless update in 3 days So this new update did what exactly? I don't get the new filters. I don't get anything that comes with the updates. If I didn't have friends I care about that use this app I would uninstall it. I'm sick of updating an app that I don't get the upgrades! Snapchat doesn't listen to what people want at all and it is becoming extremely annoying. I would love to have the filters every other person has but no Snapchat gives it to the Apple and Galaxy S7 users. That's bullshit.
Reviewed by Zoe McCormick 2016-04-21

Absolutely my favorite app, but I have no notifications. My notifications are turned on in the app and its one of mine that is set for priority and I've tried to fix but it doesn't work. PLEASE FIX THIS.
Reviewed by Denise Mae Saman 2016-04-21

I love it but I hate it I love it coz I can use for everything.But for the lenses I cannot I just hated it.It doesnt have lenses for me.And for the versions mine is v. and on my cous other versions and she can use it.Please fix ur app.
Reviewed by Drew McLaughlin 2016-04-21

Bruh still... Very laggy still and I understand that my phone and many others like it are outdated but come on man. I can't do any video filters or its an app crash. I can't even see what I look like with video filters or its an app crash. I can do goofy mirror filters if I can find one it takes so long for the labels of each filter to just load themselves. I need a new phone I guess.
Reviewed by Audra Bowling 2016-04-21

Cant get filters for your face: ( Why won't it let me do the face filters???? I have a galaxy s 3.... my dad has a older smart phone than I do and it works on his can anyone help me out???
Reviewed by Anna Pentti 2016-04-20

It doesn't give me any notifications No matter what I do, it never gives me notifications. I have updated it twice, hoping for this to go away. I also have prioritized them on my phone's settings, but no.
Reviewed by marwil garcia 2016-04-20

Like the third update in the last couple days and you guys still can't get it to work on my Note 4 What's the point of the updates if you guys updated in the last three times in like a week or two and it's still not helping out anything on my Note 4 filter still not working fast forward rewind and Camera switch is not working what the hell you guys doing out there
Reviewed by Shivanshi Yadav 2016-04-20

Bug!!!! Earlier snapchat used to crash too many times, but now the situation is even worse. After clicking any picture, the screen becomes black. Though after upload, it comes out to be fine. But how can I upload without even seeing the pic. Please resolve this error ASAP!!!! I've tried reinstalling too, but it doesn't help.
Developer: Snapchat Inc
Download Size: Varies with device
Version: Varies with device
Recommended Age: Teen
Release Date: 2016-04-19