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Reviewed by Adam Tripp 2016-04-26

You moron could screw up a wet dream! New updates every other day lately, with each update the app gets worse. Videos take forever to load, search works sometimes, posts fail. Are you the same programing geniuses who built the obamacare website!?
Reviewed by Dr.Mahmoud Osama 2016-04-26

Still screen flickers problem still on the last version Still have same problem on last version Sony Xperia-Z2 everything going excellent when I download Facebook app and Facebook messenger and open them my screen make flickers and blinking 5 times every half hour.. This always happen only when I am open face app and messenger and typing on them.. And my phone and screen going well without any problems or any flickers on all other apps and all games.. So I uninstall Facebook app and messenger and my phone come back going well without any problems
Reviewed by Lindsay Wilson 2016-04-26

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4.14.16 - Works for the most part...I just will never understand why there are so many separate apps, I miss when it was all one solid all-together app, it was awesome, now all the separate apps take up so much space on my phone, it is really annoying, but oh well I guess...
Reviewed by Total Security 2016-04-26

Installing time is ridiculous! 2 min+ installing time!!? And 400 MB storage?! Are you serious, Suckerberg? :O
Reviewed by nihara sultan 2016-04-26

Update Many update still didn't fix widget... After update FB, my widget gone.. pls fix it as soon as possible. .. too bad ...
Reviewed by Mir Sifat Ibne Ibrahim 2016-04-26

Taking too update Taking too much updates...but thats not the main problem.its taking longer time to complt installation.and in that long time if anyhow installation interrupts its taking update again.really irritating.plz if it need update then make it once a week.but turning my internet connection and seeing updating facebook is very irritating.
Reviewed by Anna Johnson 2016-04-26

Still no Widget??? WTF!! Are you even listening to us? So many updates! Read the reviews!! Why don't you FIX the issues!!! STILL NO WIDGET!! The users deserve an explanation! Bring it back Samsung S7!
Reviewed by Mehreen Lallmamode 2016-04-26

Since the new updates its really bad. Please fix. Its been a week now since i cant use it. I always get can't connect.
Reviewed by Brian Borawski 2016-04-26

New update is a problem with camera watchdogs. New update apparently connects to camera whenever it loads. My company does not allow on site camera use and keeps shutting down facebook. It will need to be fixed.
Reviewed by Ryan Vargas 2016-04-26

WTF UPDATE APRIL 26 ERROR LOADING PLEASE RETRY NOT FIX LOL Error loading please retry. Always getting "Error loading please retry " ERROR when I try to refresh timeline or feed from a page or group. But my network connection is stable and every other app works just fine. This happened just recently Please Fix tnx... my device:Samsung Galaxy Note 5 model: N9208 / Android:Lollipop 5.1.1
Developer: Facebook
Download Size: Varies with device
Version: Varies with device
Recommended Age: Teen
Release Date: 2016-04-25